Great pyramid meditation in a pear tree


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Pyramid design for meditation
The dimensions of the pyramid have been defined in accordance with the " golden number ". The latter is calculated by dividing any number by two units of 62% and 38%.

H : 1200 mm

W : 1940 mm

Solid wood (pear), natural stones (rock crystal).
Researchers, designers and experts in different disciplines of craft have participated in the creation of the pyramid on the basis of the number of gold. The semi-precious stones of the pyramidions from the mines of Nepal, and have been hand-carved, one by one, for each pyramid. Our experts monitor the effectiveness of the pyramids in the testing personally.
The pyramid knockdown is ideal for people who are concerned about their physical health and for those who wish to explore their soul. You can easily take it to go to the park or for travel (+-4kg). When collapsed, it stores easily in a canvas bag. You can mount it to 2 without difficulty. It can accommodate 2 people in meditation.
This pyramid will make your meditation more profound. You may notice an improvement in your state of health. However, we do not recommend you focus on the achievement of results.

This set includes :
- 8 blocks sections to form the square base (the pear tree)

- 8 extruded sides (the pear tree)

- 4 corners for the base (the pear tree)

- 1 the vertex to the intersection (the pear tree)

- 1 pyramidion made of semi-precious stone (rock crystal)

- 1 compass

assembly instructions

- case for the pyramid

The articles of "Pyramids PHI" you are sent directly by the artisan factories. The price of delivery is included in the price of the product visible over the top. No additional fees will be charged.

Height 1200 mm
Width 1940 mm
Composition Wood - Poirier
Weight 19Kg