Amethyst - Carved obelisk

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Extremely powerful and protective, amethyst has a vibration of spiritual high, and proves to be very effective against the attacks psychic, transforming the energy into love. The amethyst is also a very good ally to fight stress and energy, negative environmental. This crystal helps to detach from the dependencies, as an accompaniment to a medical treatment if it is necessary, of course, and allows you to work on the blockages in order to move beyond them. Thus, the amethyst is a stone very beneficial to the mind, whether it will calm or stimulate, depending on the needs.

It helps to dispel the anger, the fury, the fear, the anxiety, and to accept the loss in easing the grief. Amethyst can stabilize mental disorders, but should not be used in cases of paranoia or schizophrenia.

It helps in the practice of meditation, bringing peace of mind and away from the intrusive thoughts. It also promotes the higher states of consciousness, and helps to a greater understanding, especially when work is done through meditation. For these same reasons, it is also a very good companion for practicing visualization.

The shape of the obelisk is very helpful to distribute the property of the stone in a piece or a box. This will avoid the stone in the pocket or worn in jewelry. The "Ancients" used a different type of obelisks and cashing in on their wave forms for various uses.

All our minerals are unique and hand cut. Each piece is individually wrapped in a pouch kraft or satin.

Height 60-90 mm
Width 20-40 mm
Composition Améthyste à chevron du Brésil
Weight 90-160 mg

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