Fluorite - Carved obelisk

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Fluorite or fairy stone is used primarily to focus and have a better memory. It would also help to develop intuition and impartiality. The fluorite would also be beneficial on the bones, arthritis, teeth, nerves and wrinkles.

This stone the colours are tender and tart is relevant to well-being, it brings only positive.


Peace, harmony, and creativity, this is what brings you the fluorite in many areas. On the spiritual level, fluorite weaves the link between the sky and the earth, it favors prophetic dreams, telepathy and stabilizes the aura ( the magnetic body, etheric and astral ).

The shape of the obelisk is very helpful to distribute the property of the stone in a piece or a box. This will avoid the stone in the pocket or worn in jewelry. The "Ancients" used a different type of obelisks and cashing in on their wave forms for various uses.

All our minerals are unique and hand cut. Each piece is individually wrapped in a pouch kraft or satin.

Height 65-95 mm
Width 15-20 mm
Composition Fluorite
Weight 65-140 gm

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