Rose Quartz - Carved obelisk

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The rose quartz is a mineral that brings most of the person is missing, the love of self. Its gentle energy will calm the stress, it will bring confidence, a visions of a more just situation, because it is what causes most of love towards self.

All the world will own such a mineral at home in a room with a rose quartz of good size will provide a pleasant atmosphere filled with love, promoting understanding and communication without conflict.

In a room it is used under the pillow or beside the bed to help him sleep through his energy reassuring. It is the stone of choice for the children that will bring them the love and the feeling of security they both need.

The shape of the obelisk is very helpful to distribute the property of the stone in a piece or a box. This will avoid the stone in the pocket or worn in jewelry. The "Ancients" used a different type of obelisks and cashing in on their wave forms for various uses.

All our minerals are unique and hand cut. Each piece is individually wrapped in a pouch kraft or satin.

Height 65-90 mm
Width 20-30 mm
Composition Quartz Rose