Crystal rock - Carved obelisk

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The rock crystal is a stone acting on the emotional and the spiritual. The people who are on they feel stronger and feel more benefits in daily life such as well-being, the ability to understand things better until now difficult to perceive, and especially emotional stability.

The rock crystal opens the mind to new ideas, new concepts are easier to accept, it is a stone perfect for the stubborn and the cartesian. It allows for a strong opening energy at the level of the head opening to the perception of the subtle of the other dimensions more spiritual. The crystal rock favorites the various sensitivity subtle.

The shape of the obelisk is very helpful to distribute the property of the stone in a piece or a box. This will avoid the stone in the pocket or worn in jewelry. The "Ancients" used a different type of obelisks and cashing in on their wave forms for various uses.

All our minerals are unique and hand cut. Each piece is individually wrapped in a pouch kraft or satin.

Height 45-70 mm
Width 25-40 mm
Composition Cristal de roche de Madagascar
Weight 60 -130 gm

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