Mayan Calendar

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More known under the name of the Mayan Calendar, the Calendar Azteque or Stone of the Sun (Piedra del Sol) is the most famous work of aztec art.
Discovered in 1790, composed of basaltic lava, the original is currently at the museum of Anthropology in Mexico city. Disk of 360 cm in diameter for a weight of 24 tonnes, it was carved under the reign of Moctezuma II.

His name aztec is Cuauhxicalli (a receptacle of the Eagle).
The Ancient Builders offer you, by this faithful reproduction of the Mayan Calendar, a beautiful mineral product innovative and alive that brings softness to the eye and smooth to the touch.
Ultra-resistant, its symbols engraved to make this medallion design and original.
Five versions are available in two colors, black or gold.
Pedestal, pendant, or clipboard.

Width 80mm