The Other Land of the Gods - The Book


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  • Summary :
    Archaeological discoveries of the past in silence, ufos, alien bases, as living stones, skeletons of giants, etc.. The book dedicated to the film "The Other Land of the Gods - the Genesis" is the essential tool to go back in details on all the mysteries previously unpublished in Romania that the film highlights. Check out the behind the scenes of the filming and the preparation of the film since its inception. An exotic trip and amazing through the whole of Romania.
    + Check out 4 subjects unpublished, which are not developed in the film and who will give food for thought for all researchers. Unpublished photos of the tablets and artifacts presented in the film...
    An outstanding book not to be missed.

Achievement Deïmian
Format A4 landscape
Genre Story and tries
Age 12+
Year of production 2016
Language BOOK French
Number of pages 282 pages

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