There are my purchases VOD ? :

  • The videos are host on vimeo.com You must create an account with vimeo in order to be able to buy and look at an article VOD. Your purchases will be available at vimeo for a period unlimited.

With vimeo do I have to watch my purchase on a computer ?:

  • No you're not. You can watch directly on television sets and recent smartphones. For the tvs older, if you are using a box that allows the installation of application you can certainly install the application vimeo that will allow you to watch on your tv via your box.

I have a question about your services, or can I go?:

  • You can contact our customer SERVICE via the form on our website or if a member is online via the chat in the bottom left of your screen. If people are not online, you can leave a message. Our SERVICE team will respond to you within the shortest deadlines.